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  • 7-22 Week In Review

    Statewide Construction Projects Killed By GOP

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  • Consequences of GOP inaction on capital budget

    With just a few days to go until the end of the third special session, Senate Republicans continue to refuse to allow a vote on the state’s bipartisan capital budget. The capital budget funds $1 billion for school construction, 115 new forensic beds at Western and Eastern State Hospitals, affordable housing projects, and other important infrastructure projects across the state. The capital budget is also a major job creating initiative, supporting 19,000 jobs annually.

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  • 7-15 Week In Review

    Republican Health Care Amendment Exempts Congress

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  • Jinyoung Englund skips candidate forum to fundraise out of district

    Showing a shocking disregard for the voters of the 45th district, candidate Jinyoung Englund skipped a campaign forum for the 45th district Senate special election Tuesday night and instead attended a fundraiser thrown for her in Pierce County, far from the district in which she is running. 

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  • 7-8 Week In Review

    Paid Family Leave!

    Democrats in the legislature have worked for years to get this funded, and Gov. Jay Inslee signed into law the most progressive paid family leave law in the country this week, providing up to 12 weeks of paid leave to new parents (plus another two weeks for complicated pregnancies) and for those who need time for family and medical care.

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  • Negotiating with Preschoolers

    As a mom of three, I know what every parent knows – it’s virtually impossible to negotiate with preschoolers. As much as we may love them, and care about them, they don’t respond well to reason and they want what they want for themselves. Period.

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  • Democrats Call On Wyman To Reject Trump Voter Suppression Efforts

    Upon media reports that the Trump Administration is demanding private information on voter rolls from secretaries of state in all 50 states, the Washington State Democratic Party called upon Washington Secretary of State Kim Wyman to keep Washington voters' data private from the Trump Administration and its ongoing efforts to restrict voting rights.

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  • Week In Review - Trumpcare and State Shutdown

    2017 Primary Election Countdown - 38 Days Away 

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  • Shutdown Impacts on State Parks and the Environment

    With Republicans’ refusal to negotiate a full budget bringing Washington to the brink of a fiscal cliff, 

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  • Week In Review – State Shutdown?

    State Shutdown?

    With Republicans continuing to block passage of a state budget that fully funds education and essential state services, state government is heading towards the brink of a government shutdown. The legislature needs to pass a budget by July 1st or the government will halt nearly all of its services – a disaster for Washington state. We need to force Republicans to come to the bargaining table so the legislature can come to an agreement on a budget and we can all avoid a government shutdown.


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